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Privacy Policy

Select Van Moving Company provides relocation services and/or other related services (“Relocation Services”), both under our own brand/authority and on behalf of Mayflower Moving. Specifically, we an independently owned local moving company that operates, sells and provides a variety of our own Relocation Services or related services, typically locally and/or intrastate, that are outside of our relationship with Mayflower Moving and have absolutely nothing to do with Mayflower Moving’s Relocation Services or other services. We also represent Mayflower Moving and sell/provide Mayflower Moving’s (typically interstate) Relocation Services; while we are legally acting on Mayflower Moving’s behalf, we are called an “Agent” of Mayflower Moving. For information we send to and/or receive from Mayflower Moving and/or its related companies in relation to Mayflower Moving’s Relocation Services/business, the terms of Mayflower Moving’s Privacy Policy and Data Security Policy shall apply. You also can learn about Mayflower Moving’s cookie management and, when applicable, opt out of Mayflower Moving’s sale/sharing of your information at Mayflower Moving’s Privacy Policy and our other, related policies do not apply to information collected by us for our independent business(es).


For questions, or to make a request under the California Privacy Rights or Dispute Resolution policy sections at the link, please contact: or (US + 1) 800-637-2154.

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