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Final Mile Delivery

Completing Your Deliveries to Your Customers

Make Select Van the face of your brand as we

complete your deliveries to your clients.

As a core member of the nation’s largest household goods

moving organization, we are uniquely qualified to fulfill the last

leg of your delivery journey to your customers. With our extensive

experience delivering into customers’ homes every day, we are prepared

to deliver on time, provide excellent customer service, and reduced delivery times. 

Why Select Van?

Final mile pin point graphic

Equipment and Crew

We provide a liftgate and two-man crew for all deliveries.

Shipment Tracking

Select Van provides real-time tracking so that your customers can see where their package is on the map.

White Glove Handling

Every delivery is handled with care regardless of the complexity of the project.

Light Assembly

To take the worry out of unloading and installation and to provide a full-service approach to your customers.

Curbside or In-Home Placement

We will meet the needs and budget of your customers.

Debris Removal

Our crews will remove any debris caused by moving and installation so that your clients aren't stuck with cleaning up the mess. 

Accommodating All Sizes of Projects

We have many different sizes of trucks and a local, secure warehouse to meet the needs of all projects.

Want to learn more?

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